For those needing any help mowing lawns or even turning on the hose, Google Home has developed assistance with "Google Gnome." It is designed to help with any outdoor activities.

But beware. It’s another one of Google’s April Fools’ Day pranks.

"The smart yard is finally here,” the company said in a statement. "Google Gnome is here to give every home in America the seamless, voice-activated Connected Yard Experience we all so desperately need."

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Google Gnome is designed "to work hard and play hard," the company stated, referencing numerous ways it can help one with outdoor tasks.

"Go hands-free with your pressure washer, leaf blower, tiller, and more. Its cutting edge riding lawnmower integration features a proprietary autopilot mode, allowing you to kick back and ride shotgun on days when you just can’t even," the company wrote.

The product is quite simple actually. You just go outside and speak your command to the device, which favors a lantern, with a blue bottom and pointed red hat. The device can be found in the Google Store or the Made by Google website.

There is even a commercial for Google Gnome.

Twitter users decided to weigh in on the outdoor device with an assortment of comments.

"This Google Gnome thing looks like it can annoy the hell out of somebody," one Twitter user wrote.

"THIS IS HILARIOUS I WANT 10 OF THEM," wrote another.

In contrast, "Google Home," helps with indoors tasks like dimming the lights in the kitchen or even setting up the thermostat. The product costs $129. 

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