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Arka Packaging
Arka Packaging Arka Packaging

Arka Packaging provides custom and unbranded eco-friendly packaging. They have helped over 2,000 clients in 950 cities worldwide upgrade their unboxing experiences and impress their customers.

Whether for consumer or industrial packaging, Arka Packaging has the flexible packaging solution you need to stand out from the crowd with custom and unbranded eco-friendly packaging. Arka is able to consider the amount of packaging on a warehouse floor and offer customized packaging solutions for businesses worldwide and can source any packaging for all your products.

Phillip Akhzar is the founder and CEO of Arka Packaging. He is a hard-working,

forward-thinking innovator seeking new ways to improve and optimize. Phil understands the concept of the "triple bottom line" and everything he does works toward improving it. He established the company in December 2016 in San Francisco, California. He is a serial entrepreneur, a Y Combinator Alum, a sustainability and supply chain expert, and a Shopify course expert. He is also a Super Smash Bros elite champion and was nominated 30 Under 30 for five years. With a background in industrial engineering, he worked early in his career at Boeing during the release of the 787.

To enhance your brand, Phillip suggests that you should use product packaging that best suits your product. He says, "Do not pack a tiny product in a supersized package. Fitted product packaging helps perishable items stay fresher for longer and more visually pleasing. Equally, ensure the flexible packaging solution you choose isn't too tight-fitting for your product." He also shares that struggling to peel the wrapper off something that should fit comfortably inside sends the signal that you are out of touch with consumers and their experience. He adds that you might be surprised at what a big difference this one small packaging factor can make.

The astute entrepreneur also emphasized the benefit of adding a personal touch to your packaging. He explained that one can go above and beyond the standard product packaging by putting a small personal touch in each stand-up pouch or bag, e.g., a thank you note, small write-up about the business, entry to an online contest, or a surprise treat will keep clients coming back to you for more of the same.

Phillip believes that the best deals come when you make other people money, and you should keep practicing something until you are perfect. He aspires to expand his businesses and make over $100M a year in revenue. He also wishes to have over 50% of warehouses in North America connected to his packaging business.

"Every DTC business understands the best place to start and evolve is with us," Phillip concludes.