The Nintendo Switch exclusive fighting game “ARMS” has received a generous amount of free content since it was first released back in June. Now Nintendo has confirmed that it has no further plans to release content updates for the game.

“After its launch on 16th June, we released several significant free content updates for ARMS, including five new characters, 12 new ARMS, five new stages, collectible badges, and new modes like Party Crash,” Nintendo game director Kosuke Yabuki told Eurogamer. “More Party Crash events are on the way, and we'll continue to make balance adjustments and other small changes to improve the gaming experience, but we currently have no plans for bigger updates.”

The last time that “ARMS” received a content update was back in December when Nintendo released the version 5 firmware update for the game. Version 5 of “ARMS” included the new fighter Dr. Coyle and the stage [Name Redacted]. The game has grown significantly since it was first launched and it’s a bit disappointing that it won’t grow any further.

Despite dropping support for releasing free content updates, Nintendo will continue updating the game to keep all fighters balanced. “Because of our commitment to ongoing updates since launch, we feel we've reached a point where the strengths and weaknesses of fighters are generally balanced, making for some really exciting battles,” Yabuki said.

“We will definitely continue to make balance adjustments, as well as run more Party Crash events. Everyone on the development team hopes that players over the world can enjoy ‘ARMS’ for many years!”

“ARMS” was first released last year in June and was one of Nintendo’s biggest titles for the Switch console. It was one of the first few games to take advantage of the motion control features of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. Users were able to fight in the game by actually making punching movements while holding the Joy-Con controllers. Not only did it showcase the uniqueness of the Nintendo Switch, but it also made “ARMS” one of the most fun and entertaining games on the console.

Miitomo Shutting Down

In other Nintendo-related news, the Japanese gaming firm has confirmed that it’s shutting down “Miitomo” on May 9. “Miitomo” was Nintendo’s very first game for smartphones and was first released back in 2016.

The app will continue to work and Nintendo will start giving out coins as daily login bonuses until the end of the service. Nintendo has already closed the sale of Miitomo Coins today and has promised to give out refunds to players who have unused paid Miitomo Coins when the game finally shuts down.