Twilight actress Ashley Greene’s scandal pictures and photos are said to have been spreading all over the internet like wildfire.

Scandalous pictures of Twilight New Moon’s 22-year old starlet surfaced yesterday on the Internet, and her lawyer is threatening to sue anyone who posts them.

He says that Ashley Greene holds the copyright on the nude pictures, and only she can authorize their publication.

The photos are now the top nude photo search on the internet now that the Vanessa Hudgens scandal nude photo search has died down a little.

At the Teen Choice Award show, comedian Dane Cook cracked a joke about Vanessa Hudgens and said, Girl, you gots to keep your clothes! Phones are for phone calls, girl. People watching the show from home would not have heard this comment as it was dubbed out by Fox network.

These Ashley Greene photos continue the trend of young actresses whose profiles have been raised because of nude photos online.