Want to get across to Asia's youth? Do it through media or music, with a survey revealing that most spend on average 10 hours a day watching TV, on the Internet, reading magazines or listening to the radio.

In findings bound to cheer advertisers, the annual Synovate Young Asians survey, which polled some 13,000 people aged between 8 and 24, also showed many of these youth have a say over a variety of purchases ranging from their own snacks and clothes to the family holiday and even the family car.

It's vital that smart marketers continue to engage with these young audiences to build a loyal consumer base, Miranda Cheung, managing director of market research firm Synovate in Singapore, said in a statement.

With so much time spent each day on media consumption, there is every reason to believe that brand communications have filtered through and influenced purchase decisions, she said.

Nearly a third of young Asians said they plan their day around their favorite TV programs, hoping to catch every episode, the survey revealed.

Up to a quarter said they could not live without the Internet, and two-thirds said they must listen to music daily.

Asia's young people have certainly embraced multi-tasking, Cheung said.

Kids are watching the TV, but also talking on the phone. They are on the Internet with the radio on in the background. Or they may be sending email, texting on their mobile phone and playing an online game all at the same time, she added.

Koreans spent over 13 hours a day -- the longest in the region -- consuming some form of media, followed by Hong Kong youth and Singaporeans.

Synovate found that 35 percent of youths had increased their Internet usage in the past year. Close to a quarter had spent more time watching TV while 34 percent said that they had devoted more time to listening to music.

The survey covers 12 countries across Asia, including Vietnam and Japan for the first time.

(Editing by David Fox)