Asus has confirmed that it will roll out the Android 4.0 update for the Transformer Prime Tablet in the UK starting Sunday.

Asus has also announced an update for its Transformer Prime owners to fix graphics bugs.

ICS 4.0 FOTA update for Transformer Prime TF201 from today (UK) will fix on-screen graphics bugs (previously some horizontal stripes and signal noise during video playback & pad rotation), Asus has stated on its Facebook page.

The Transformer Prime happens to be the first product in the tablet market equipped with Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor. However, much to the disappointment of awaiting fans, the tablet was shipped with the outdated Android 3.2, more commonly referred to as Gingerbread.

Although Asus Transformer Prime was among the most anticipated devices following its announcement last year, its release into the market was far from being smooth. This was due to the issues on the GPS and the locked bootloader.

Asus has stated that a bootloader unlocker will also be made available for Transformer Prime users in the days to come. Meanwhile, it appears that Asus is still working on resolving the issues that have affected the GPS of Asus Transformer Prime following its release into the market. It was reported earlier that a number of owners of this tablet had experienced some issues in connection with the GPS.

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