Atlantic City
Photo of the boardwalk damage in Atlantic City. Twitter/Jitney Guy

Although the worst is yet to come for the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy is already devastating low-lying areas and coastal cities. Most dramatically, it is being reported that Atlantic City, N.J., is basically under water.

Residents of Atlantic City, which lies on a barrier island, have been tweeting pictures showing the city submerged even before the storm center hits the coast overnight, reports The Associated Press.

Hurricane Sandy is being strengthened as it combines with other storm systems. Many people have already evacuated and while Hurricane Sandy was still 110 miles from Atlantic City, winds were reaching up to 90 mph.

According to the AP, parts of the famous Atlantic City boardwalk, home to casinos and other tourist attractions, have been destroyed. The 12 casinos on and near the boardwalk have been closed, reports AP. The 30,000 residents were ordered to evacuate.

Bob McDevitt, president of the Atlantic City Casino Workers Local 54 Union, told the AP, "When I think about how much water is already in the streets, and how much more is going to come with high tide tonight, this is going to be devastating.”

According to the Post Chronicle, this was just the fourth time all Atlantic City casinos have been closed in 34 years. Power outages were also reported. The casinos were closed on Sunday by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. The section of the boardwalk that was destroyed was approximately 35-feet long and was north of the casinos and hotels.

People have taken to Twitter to report on the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Some are praying for relatives and loved ones in the area, others are commenting on the situation while others are taking photos of the flooding, including streets being submerged and cars underwater due to Hurricane Sandy.

A video of Hurricane Sandy's impact on Atlantic City can be seen below.