• "Attack on Titan" is nearing the arc's conclusion
  • Chapter 126 of "Attack on Titan" will air on Feb. 7, 2020
  • Chapter 125 of "Attack on Titan" leaves fans with a very intriguing question

The latest chapter of “Attack On Titan” titles “After Glow” saw the come back of two of the strongest and well-loved characters in the series, Annie Leonhart and Captain Levi Ackerman of the Survey Corps. Following Titan hardening’s deactivation by Eren, Annie was released from her crystal after she trapped herself inside for four years. In the latest chapter of “Attack On Titan,” Annie was discovered by Hitch Dreyse, who is a member of the Military Police Brigade.

Annie tried to hold Hitch hostage and threatened to slit her throat using a weapon in her finger should she disobey her orders. But, Annie is still weak, and Hitch easily defeated her and slammed her to the ground. Annie threatened her once again that she will turn herself into a female titan, and to prove she is serious, she wounded herself.

However, in the past four years, Hitch, along with the other members of the Survey Corps, has learned a lot about the Titans. Considering her current state, Hitch knew too well that Annie is not capable of turning herself into a female titan. But, perhaps out of sympathy and friendship, Hitch ended up helping Annie escape and go back to her homeland.

Attack on Titan The current chapter of “Attack on Titan” that Eren accidentally freed the Female Titan, but following the events in Chapter 124, it appears that Annie Leonhart along with her Female Titan will return to finish her mission. Photo: SteamXO/flickr

Annie told Hitch in the latest chapter of “Attack On Titan” that she heard all the things Hitch and Armin talked about when they visited her in the basement. Annie shared that she knew all about Hitch’s crushes as well as the things happening in Paradis Island. She also told her comrade that she heard Eren’s voice when he said that he would annihilate the world.

Hitch then asked Annie if she has any plans to prevent Eren from executing his plans. That is the biggest clincher of the episode, and Annie’s answer will affect the rest of the remaining chapters of the current arc. The next chapter of “Attack On Titan” will be coming at the start of next month. Fans will have to wait a little longer for “Attack On Titan” Chapter 126, which will be on Feb. 7, 2020.