Concept Shed, a UK-based product design company has come up with a wedding vending machine known as AutoWed.

AutoWed gets couples hitched in minutes for just one dollar.

While this might not be considered the ideal romantic manner to get married, but with wedding ceremonies getting more expensive over the years, people are open to other cheaper alternatives. Concept Shed's AutoWed does the work quicker and cheaper than any priest, rabbi, minister or any other religious figure.

The machine which is designed as part pink Cadillac, part cathedral and part steampunk installation, performs a ceremony that is quite different from that of a conventional wedding.

The 8-feet-tall machine features wedding music and a weird robotic voice that prompts you to press a bunch of keys in order to keep the weeding going, after you've inserted the mandatory coins. You start by choosing between a straight, gay or lesbian marriage and a friends forever ceremony, then you input your names and can press 1 for I do or 2 for Escape.

At the end, AutoWed lets you kiss the bride and even dispenses a receipt and two plastic rings to commemorate this special day.

Concept Shed initially built the machine especially for Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Detroit. But after a video of the machine performing the ceremony went viral the English Company saw an influx of orders for AutoWed as far as Russia and Brazil. It is now considering making more AutoWeds.