Fans that picked up “Just Cause 3” and are curious about the game’s downloadable content (DLC) will be happy to know that the first expansion pack, titled “Sky Fortess,” is almost complete. It will be the first of three expansion passes, all of which have been dubbed Air, Land and Sea. “Sky Fortress” is obviously the air part.

The game’s developer Avalanche Studios gave details on the “Sky Fortress” expansion on a Steam post. “Sky Fortess” will come packed with a number of new missions for Rico to tackle, along with new features and other surprises that the developer didn’t give away just yet.

What is a bit disappointing is the lack of a proper release date. The developer stated that the expansion pack is currently being tested, but didn’t give any news regarding a release date or timeframe. Still, since the game is being tested, than it must be close to completion already.

Speaking of DLC, GameSpot reported that the previous pre-order DLC would soon be available for fans to use. These include new weapons, vehicles and a number of other incentives that were given. The Weaponized Vehicle pack will cost $3.99, as will the Explosive Weapon pack.

Regarding the Land and Sea portions of the expansion packs, Avalanche Studios has yet to detail how the two will play. Since “Sky Fortress” was the Air portion, it’s clear that Rico’s flight suit will play a big part in the expansion. Boats will likely be a major gameplay point in the Water expansion, so the real question is what will be in the Land expansion pack.

There are literally too many things that the land portion of the expansion can focus on, like tanks, various other vehicles and numerous shooting sections. While Avalanche hasn’t given any details yet, there’s a good chance that the expansion will cover all of those gameplay elements.

“Just Cause 3” is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game follows its predecessor well, with numerous things to explore and destroy. Critics praised the gameplay and sheer chaos of “Just Cause 3,” but criticized the story for being too uninspired.

Just Cause 3 - Story Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)