It appears as if “Bachelor” star Nikki Ferrell has a type -- tall, muscular and very handsome. While the 26-year-old pediatric nurse seems to be enjoying dating Juan Pablo Galavis, the subject of the hit reality TV show "The Bachelor," in 2012 she dated a guy who looks eerily similar to her new love.

So, who is this ex-boyfriend?

His name is Ryan McDill. He spoke with Star magazine recently and gave advice to his ex about her new boyfriend.

“Juan Pablo doesn’t care about you at all,” Ryan warned Nikki in his interview with Star. “He’s a total zero, and if you’ve already fallen for him, this bum will only break your heart!”

Ryan dished that he watched the show against his “better judgment,” because Nikki was on it, and he said he was shocked by what he saw. “It was surreal to watch someone who I’ve been so close to,” he continued. “And from what I’ve seen of Juan Pablo, he has nothing going on, other than being handsome. He’s dull, has no personality, is a terrible listener, is totally self-centered and doesn’t seem too bright.”

According to Radar, Ryan was a “long-term” boyfriend of Nikki's. However, their relationship didn’t last because Nikki was reportedly ready to settle down, and Ryan wasn’t. “I think it’ll be déjà vu for her with Juan Pablo,” Ryan warned.

Nikki's ex-boyfriend's Facebook page said that he studied at the University of Missouri and currently lives in Kansas City, Mo. Photos of the pair on Nikki's Facebook page suggest they attended school together. “Finally, a break from school. Lake day,” she wrote in a caption for a photo dated September 2012. The photo shows the pair hanging out by the water in their bathing suits.

Two other photos from 2012 show the couple smiling and having a great time. “Well isn’t this the cutest <3 <3 <3,” Nikki wrote in the caption of a photo of them that was taken at a formal event.

On March 11 Nikki took to Instagram to share a peek at her first “real” one-on-one date with Juan Pablo -- dinner at Miami’s Budare Bistro, a Venezuelan restaurant. But that’s not the only thing the reality star duo was up to that night. Juan Pablo and Nikki were photographed at an exhibit of Hebru Brantley’s work presented by Dom Perignon at Toys for Boys, a gallery and event space.

“They were very affectionate and walked in hand in hand, and he had his arm around her most of the night,” an eyewitness told E! News. “They looked like a really fun and friendly couple and were really into each other.”