• "Back 4 Blood" releases on Oct. 12, 2021
  • The game launches on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
  • "Back 4 Blood" features an interesting card system

The Open Beta of "Back 4 Blood," the spiritual successor of the hit game "Left 4 Dead" is now available. As players immerse into the game's beta build, they will soon realize the importance of healing. Players looking for ways on how to heal in "Back 4 Blood" beta could use some of these tips and tricks.

Players can easily heal in "Back 4 Blood" by using a bandage or medkit. At the start of the game, bandages and medkits are available. Before getting out of the safe room, the players should use the in-game shop to pile supplies, especially healing items.

A bandage costs 150 copper and can heal a small percentage of the player's health. The medkit, on the other hand, can heal a lot more than the bandage. Players, however, need to shell out 500 copper to get the medkit.

A variant of the Stalker Ridden in Back 4 Blood
A variant of the Stalker Ridden in Back 4 Blood Turtle Rock Studios

Moreover, a medkit can be used to heal other players with flailing health levels. Another way of recuperating health level is by using pain pills. These pills are available for 100 copper and work the same way as the pills in "Left 4 Dead."

This health remedy frequently appears on the game's map so it is easier to find. Unfortunately, it only boosts health for a certain period and degrades over time. There are also random first aid stations that players chance upon in some rooms in "Back 4 Blood."

Sadly, these rooms can only be accessed if players have purchased the toolkit. Since these stations are randomly decided by the game's AI director, they do not appear in the same place. First aid stations heal trauma aside from health.

Trauma is the instance where players lose their maximum health. First aid points, however, while very useful, have limited use. Aside from those, another way to heal in "Back 4 Blood" is by making use of the Corruption card system.

These cards are drawn at the beginning of the game and can somehow alter the game's direction. Players can pick the Combat Knife and the Triumph cards. Combat knives are used to transform a bash attack into a knife thrust. On the other hand, Triumph cards help the player earn two health points back for every melee kill.

"Back 4 Blood" is scheduled for release on Oct. 12, 2021. The game will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.