• Perk cards play an important role in boosting players' combat effectiveness
  • Specialized decks are used to create specific roles that complement other players 
  • Players should try to aim for weakspots to take enemies down faster

The difficulty spike between Recruit and Veteran difficulty in “Back 4 Blood” is jarring, to say the least. Many players will find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted after just a couple of minutes in their first Veteran playthrough, and that’s OK.

Unlike in “Left 4 Dead,” “Back 4 Blood” is a bit more nuanced when it comes to difficulty. There are plenty of factors to consider outside of just gameplay knowledge and mechanical skill. Knowing these nuances may boost a team’s odds of survival in the game’s higher difficulties, and players who want to push themselves to their limits will want to know what to avoid in their runs.

Here’s a collection of tips and tricks to help players survive in “Back 4 Blood’s” Veteran difficulty.

A variant of the Tallboy Ridden in Back 4 Blood A variant of the Tallboy Ridden in Back 4 Blood Photo: Turtle Rock Studios

Plan Card Decks And Builds

“Back 4 Blood’s” unique card system is filled with dozens of helpful perks that can boost a player’s stats, from basic HP and stamina boosts to more unique effects that can define entire playstyles.

Players should try to build their card decks according to roles that they want to fulfill. Concentrating a card deck to support a specific role can help players be more effective in the game’s higher difficulties, especially when each player is built to complement the weaknesses of others.

Unlock Cards First

Grinding for other cards in Recruit difficulty can make Veteran relatively easier. This goes hand-in-hand with the first tip, as some of the best cards are often locked behind the later stages of each Supply Line track.

Positioning Is Key

Always try to find a position that the Ridden will have a difficult time reaching, whether it be elevated areas, choke points or other similar areas. Should such power positions be unavailable, try to at least have a wall to cover the team’s backs or flanks.

Coordinate And Communicate

The randomness of “Back 4 Blood’s” gameplay means that players will have to adapt on the fly. Always communicate with the team regarding weapon loadouts, copper requirements, attachments and other necessary information.

Aim For Weakspots

Each of the special Ridden has weakspots somewhere in the body, and players should always try aim for those. These enemies have ludicrous amounts of health, which can mostly be negated by shooting at the red glowing spots.

Sniper rifles, especially the Phoenix 350L, can deal massive amounts of damage against weakspots. This can be paired with weakspot-related perks to make dealing with special zombies even easier.