"Ball Practice For Pokémon Go" is an Android app that lets you practice throwing pokeballs without wasting real ones in "Pokémon Go." Getty Images/SAMEER AL-DOUMY

For players who tend to waste a lot of Pokéballs in just one encounter with a Pokémon, there is now an app that you can use in practicing your skills in throwing Pokéballs to catch a Pokémon. “Ball Practice for Pokémon Go” is a relatively new Android app that provides a training ground for aspiring Pokémon masters.

Developed by Chinese Android app developer Rejected Games: FPS Adventures & Sport Simulation, “Ball Practice for Pokémon Go” is a straightforward gaming app that simulates the scene when a Pokémon is already in front of the gamer and is ready to be caught using Pokéballs. According to My Nintendo News, the primary goal of the game is to give “Pokémon Go” trainers a chance to hone their skills in throwing Pokéballs.

The app is available for free on Android and everything inside it is free as well, even the unlimited different-looking Pokéballs it has. Therefore, neophyte trainers will have unlimited chances of throwing Pokéballs just to catch any of the Pokémon available in the app.

Unfortunately, since this is a third-party app, the developer could not copy the setting, graphics design and the Pokémon present in Niantic’s “Pokémon Go.” Thus, it is very noticeable that what users will be catching are peculiar versions of the original pocket monsters. CinemaBlend even pointed out that the Pokémon creatures available look so terrifying they could have landed on the same vat of chemicals the Joker fell into and came out with horrible appearances.

Putting the twisted looks of the Pokémon aside, the game can serve its purpose of letting players practice their throwing skills well. However, based on experience, the curveball throw is pretty messed up, so UberGizmo was right in stating that “Ball Practice for Pokémon Go” is a decent app if one is learning to throw Pokéballs in a straight line and if one is not bothered by the preponderance of ads in the app.

For interested “Pokémon Go” trainers, the “Ball Practice for Pokémon Go” app is still available on the Google Play Store in some areas. In certain regions where the app could not be seen on the Play Store, here is the APK for you to try it out.