Bank of America Countrywide Hustle
A federal appeals court overturned a jury finding that Bank of America was responsible for unloading toxic loans on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Some Bank of America customers received blank emails Thursday and Friday that had no subject lines and blank bodies. Other customers received emails that said they would be getting new debit cards in the mail, and their old cards would be canceled by March 15 for security purposes.

The email about debit cards included a portion that read, “We're letting you know your ATM/debit card may have been part of a compromise at an undisclosed merchant. This doesn't mean that fraud has or will occur on your account.” Customers who received this email confirmed that there was also an alert in their Bank of America online accounts, indicating this was not a fraudulent email. These types of emails are not out of the ordinary when there is a security concern.

"We inadvertently sent an email to some customers that appeared blank. Customers may delete or simply ignore that message," said Dan Frahm, a communications executive for Bank of America, in an email to IBT.

Bank of America had not issued a statement further than the email regarding the compromised accounts as of Friday morning. Additionally it was initially unclear where the rash of blank emails came from, whether they were fraudulent or connected to the emails regarding debit/ATM cards.

Bank of America blank email
The blank email Bank of America customers received. Bank of America

Many customers took to Twitter to voice concerns and to try to sort out the issue. The bank was responding to customers from their support account asking customers to forward the emails to

While BofA asked customers to forward the email, it gave no further information about whether it was anything to be worried about.