Second Hack
At least 8 were arrested by San Francisco police during OPBart 2. Reuters

Bay Area Rapid Transportation (BART) closed its Civic Center and Powell Street stations and arrested at least eight people for protesting on Monday night.

Anonymous and other groups planned to protest in front of the Civic Center as a part of OPBart to protest the death of Charles Hill, a San Francisco area homeless man.

On Twitter the reaction by Anonymous and others was strongly against the actions of BART and the San Francisco Police Department.

For such a fun & peaceful demonstration, we are absolutely stunned by the size and show of force by police. #opBART, AnonyOps tweeted on Monday night.

The protest was the second in the last two weeks, though it's believed that there are more protesters at this the on-going protest than there was at last Monday's protest.

Various Twitter sources for Anonymous claim that the initial protesters were not a part of Anonymous, though Twitter sources such as AnonyOps and YourAnonNews seemed to indicate that members of the group were behind the action.

Rumors spread through Twitter that cops had spit at protesters and one protester, Peter Fein who goes by petewearspants on Twitter, claimed that cops wouldn't let him stand on the sidewalk outside the Civic Center. None of these reports have been substantiated other than tweets on Twitter.

According to the OPBart Twitter account, and confirmed through another source, Anonymous and other backers of the operation plan to protest outside of Civic Center every Monday at 5 p.m. PST.

Stay tuned for more updates as they news continues to come in.