After the achievements were revealed for “Batman: Arkham Knight,” developer Rocksteady decided to unveil the release date for “Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6,” formerly known as the “Community Challenge Pack.” The set of downloadable content (DLC) will be released on Jan. 19 for PC users and Jan. 26 for console players.

The announcement for the AR Challenges was made in the official WB Community page, where the development team expressed their excitement for the players to try out the new maps. Each of these maps were based on areas from the previous “Arkham” games, and includes areas like Crime Alley and the Iceberg Lounge, which has been described as “mind blowing.”

WCCFTech has also confirmed that a new free skin will be coming with the pack, which is the costume Batman wore during the “Batman Incorporated” series from Grant Morrison. This costume brings back the yellow oval bat symbol and is very sleek looking, just like it was when it appeared on the comic books.

Prior to it being a free download, the “Batman Inc.” skin was actually available as a downloadable code for those that picked up the “Batman: Arkham Knight” graphic novel, which is a prequel to the video game. While no longer exclusive to those who purchased the graphic novel, they did have it for a number of months before everyone else did.

Fans from the forums have wondered if other costumes that were previously exclusive to certain promos will become available soon. There was a special “Earth 2 Batman” skin that was given away in a special event. There are also the two PS4 exclusive skins “Justice League 3000” and “Batman 66,” which have yet to make their way outside the Sony console.

“Batman: Arkham Knight” is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Despite some flaws and a disastrous PC port, the game managed to be one of the hit titles of 2015, due to its addictive gameplay and epic storyline. 

Batman: Arkham Knight – January DLC Announced (Credit: YouTube/Batman Arkham Knight)