Fans who have been holding out on buying a preorder copy of “Batman Arkham Knight” have another reason not to wait until the launch date. Another preorder bonus was announced Wednesday for early adopters of the game.

Spotted by IGN, the preorder bonus was revealed at Steam, which details two skins coming with a preordered copy. The first skin is for "Batman Beyond," the animated series, while the other is for "Dark Knight Returns." This link has a screenshot of the announcement with the skins. The bonus is dubbed as the Gotham’s Future Skin Pack.

For now, there is no word on whether the “Batman Arkham Knight” Skin Pack will also find its way to the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One version of the game. If it does, the preorder will come on top of the Harley Quinn downloadable content (DLC) mission that will let players take on Harley as a playable character.

These are the first new updates following the new “Be the Batman” live-action trailer that was recently released to further the hype the game. The official Batman Arkham Twitter page teased that there were seven Easter eggs hidden in the trailer.

There are fans who indeed went into detective mode to look for the little hints, and Comicbook compiled some of the fan finds. There are the more obvious ones such as the bat symbol and penguin tattoo on some of the characters, or the fact that a batarang was in the background of a Good Samaritan scene.

As the release date draws nearer, developer Rocksteady has also released a new dev diary that talks about the villain design for “Batman Arkham Knight.” This is the third Batman Arkham Insider episode, seen below, and it's focused on some key characters in the game.

“Batman Arkham Knight” is expected to hit the PC, Xbox One and PS4 on June 23.

Batman Arkham Insider #3 (Credit: YouTube/BatmanArkham)