Following a teaser trailer from way back last year and a gameplay trailer just last month, developer Avalanche Studios has released a new trailer for “Mad Max.” This time, however, the aim is to delve deeper in the story and the characters.

Titled “Savage Road,” the trailer tells of the story of Max and his quest toward creating the new war machine after his Interceptor was stolen by Wasteland bandits. According to a press release sent to International Business Times, Max’s quest is to escape from the Wasteland with the help of his sidekick mechanic Chumbucket.

Over at PlayStation Blog, Senior Producer John Fuller gave some more insights on what will happen in “Mad Max.” Specifically, after Max is stripped of his Interceptor, he meets Chumbucket, who offers to help him in lieu of his survivor and driver skills. Together, they build a new machine, dubbed his Magnum Opus. It appears that Chumbucket will play a major role, in that he will be the right-hand man in improving and upgrading the car.

There is a lot that can be expected from “Mad Max,” despite veering away from what “Fury Road” is going for. Speaking with Avalanche Studios Design Director Magnus Nedfors, Polygon reports that the overall experience of “Mad Max” will feature driving on a whole new level.

The game will reportedly consist of a good percentage of driving. But what will put “Mad Max” on the map is its car combat. This is the main design for “Mad Max,” and a specialty of the studio to begin with.

“It’s taking a bit of inspiration from traditional melee combat systems and bringing them over to car combat,” said Nedfors to Polygon. Car combat plays a major role in the game, so much so that even its upgrade and customization is focused not only on Max but also his car. The car can be upgraded in a customizable fashion, meaning it is in the player’s hands on how and what they want to upgrade from the basic make.

The only thing that players should be guided on is that they have to upgrade into a car that’s meant for survival. The way Avalanche Studios designed it, it seems, is that there is no one perfect car. Rather, what players choose to upgrade or focus on will affect other parts of the car, so strategy also comes with the territory.

All of the car combat, upgrades and gameplay mechanics aside, it seems that there will always be comparisons with the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road.” But in an exclusive with Eurogamer, Peter Wyse, senior vice president of production and development over at Warner Bros., has assured us that the film follows a storyline that is consistent. However, it does run its own course, notably with the difference in character presence and presentation.

Avalanche Studios did promise that there will be more new information coming for the title leading to the release. “Mad Max” is set to launch on Sept. 1 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

"Mad Max" Savage Road Trailer (Credit: YouTube/madmaxgame)