Before May draws to a close, Microsoft is rolling out more features for the Xbox One Preview Program, specifically six new features that will be up for testing for the Xbox on Windows 10. Managing friends is made easier with the update for the Friends section, with Major Nelson noting it is now easier to add friends, designate favorites, share your name via the Xbox app and even make use of the friend list, which shows friends in a party, their activities in multiplayer games and broadcasting activities.

The game hub is now also viewable via the app for an Xbox One game. The community manager will keep the feed for activity curated.

Other features include the ability to download and launch the Avatars app from within the Xbox app. Customizing is also possible, which means Xbox One players can edit and purchase new items for avatars to make them unique.

The newly introduced Game DVR will give players the option to change keyboard shortcuts for some commands, including starting and stopping recording, opening the Game Bar and capturing screenshots. A new command, the ability to view and manage screenshots in the cloud, can now also be executed with the Xbox app.

The Xbox One has one update to the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner feature as it gears toward the bigger announcements at E3 2015. First the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner, which had been previously available for the U.S. and Canada, is now being tested in European countries. Microsoft plans on bringing the feature to the countries once summer hits. The 11 countries included in this endeavor are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland.

In relation to the E3 2015, Microsoft also appears to have a lot of surprises by way of the Xbox FanFest. DualShockers reports Major Nelson hinted at these surprises in his most recent podcast. While no details of the Xbox FanFest were divulged, he did mention the first 500 people attending the event will get a chance to get “hooked up.” What this means remains a mystery, but it should be noted even Major Nelson is excited -- a sure sign something big is coming from Microsoft.

Xbox One expectations for E3 2015 (Credit: YouTube/Dealer - Gaming)