• "Battlefield 2042's" open beta will begin this September
  • The beta will be free for all players 
  • Those who pre-ordered the game will have early access to the open beta

An open beta for “Battlefield 2042” is fast approaching and players who can’t wait to experience all-out war in the franchise’s latest installment now have a somewhat definite date on when they can join in on the fun.

The “Battlefield 2042” open beta is scheduled for September, according to VG24/7, roughly one month ahead of the game’s actual launch. Much like in the open beta for “Battlefield V,” all players can try the game out for free with no strings attached.

Should DICE and EA retain the same style of execution that they did with “Battlefield V,” then no sign-ups will be necessary. Players should be able to see the “Battlefield 2042” open beta as part of their game library on Origin or in the Steam catalog depending on how the developers plan to launch it. The “Battlefield V” open beta started during the first week of September and it’s likely that “2042’s” beta will start at around the same period.

Battlefield 2042's Portal Mode will include assets from previous games, including the Bad Company series
Battlefield 2042's Portal Mode will include assets from previous games, including the Bad Company series Electronic Arts

Players who want to access the game as early as possible can do so by pre-purchasing the game right now. This will also give them the rest of the pre-order bonuses like a Year 1 pass and other digital goods. The early open beta access should start a couple of days earlier than the public beta itself.

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t shared any details regarding the content featured in the beta. It’s likely that it will feature at least two maps and a limited arsenal of weapons, vehicles and Specialists. The three main game modes — Conquest, Breakthrough and Hazard Zone — are expected to be included in the beta for proper testing.

A technical playtest is currently scheduled ahead of the open beta, with the aim of optimizing the game’s technical performance across different machines. This will also test the first iteration of cross-play between new and old platforms. Players who live within select territories can sign up for this playtest by creating an EA Playtesting profile.

With the beta being so close to the game’s release date, it is possible that the developers are conducting the test for the sake of observing and maintaining server stability to prevent a catastrophic debut and keep it away from the fate “Battlefield 4” suffered when it first launched.