• "Battlefield 2042" will feature a battle pass system with seasonal content, a report says
  • All major content will be available to all players for free
  • The free content can lead to a unified playerbase across all servers

DICE and EA will be introducing a season pass to “Battlefield 2042” that will work quite differently from the previous ones in the series, according to new rumors. Instead of just giving players access to expansions, “2042’s” season pass will offer a wide variety of content – both paid and free.

Battlefield 2042’s” season pass is set to be the biggest in the franchise so far, according to Dualshockers, as the developers made the decision to support the game in a more active manner by providing content on a regular basis.

In previous “Battlefield” games, new content was usually locked behind paid DLC that featured new weapons and maps that often divided the playerbase. However, this will all reportedly change when “Battlefield 2042” releases in October.

Industry insider Tom Henderson said that “Battlefield 2042” is going to receive new content for every season, a move that’s currently being done by many of the game’s competitors like “Call of Duty.”

The jump from a DLC-focused model to a battle pass-style system, coupled with the extreme modularity of the new Portal mode, might just make “Battlefield 2042” the best entry in the franchise so far in terms of the sheer breadth of its content.

In essence, Portal mode allows DICE to revive and revitalize the older “Battlefield” games and bring them into a modern engine since most of the game mode’s content revolves around remastered maps and weapons. More importantly, Portal mode will grant players the opportunity to visit the previous eras of the “Battlefield” franchise, giving them an unprecedented amount of variety within a single game.

Of course, revisiting the older games also gives EA and DICE a chance to monetize “Battlefield 2042” in a way that satisfies the needs of their audience as well as their own. Electronic Arts, in particular, has had its reputation tarnished over the past few years over its aggressive monetization efforts that often led to unsavory results.

The significant parts of “Battlefield 2042’s” seasonal content will be free for all players, which means that servers will not be divided between those who own DLC content and those who own only the base game like in the previous entries in the series.

Player models from Battlefield 3 are returning as part of Battlefield 2042's Portal mode Player models from Battlefield 3 are returning as part of Battlefield 2042's Portal mode Photo: Electronic Arts