• A new leak reveals EA and DICE will release post-launch content on "Battlefield 2042"
  • The game is set to launch on various gaming platforms
  • "Battlefield 2042" will introduce a couple more portal maps

"Battlefield 2042" is scheduled to roll out in October and will take players to the near future where tension and conflict hover over an environmentally devastated world. Interestingly, a new leak surfaced online revealing the supposed seasonal post-launch content of the much-awaited title from EA and DICE.

Industry insider Tom Henderson recently shared on Twitter some details about the seasonal post-launch content of "Battlefield 2042." The free seasons would reportedly feature a specialist, a couple of new maps, new vehicles, new weapons and 100 season tiers. The insider also mentioned a story-driven update, titled "Hazard Zone," and a couple more portal maps.

The insider said these seasonal post-launch updates would be free at release. They may roll out every three months after the official release of "Battlefield 2042." Also, the free updates are separate from the paid battle pass.

Battlefield 4 features combat in land, sea and air with a plethora of vehicles to choose from
Battlefield 4 features combat in land, sea and air with a plethora of vehicles to choose from Electronic Arts

It is not surprising that DICE is adopting the seasonal model since it is crucial for the game to be able to survive in the contemporary shooter landscape. According to Gamerant, several successful titles like "Star Wars: The Old Republic" and "World of Warcraft" used this same model for more than a decade to advance the games' world before releasing their major expansions.

It is also possible that like what Activision is doing with its "Call of Duty" titles, "Battlefield 2042" might also require players to pay for the game's seasonal battle pass to gain access to the latest cosmetics, weapons or operators. DICE and EA could follow the same pattern to monetize the game after its official launch.

Henderson has offered accurate leaks about "Battlefield 2042" in the past. However, while the insider has an impressive track, these details about the game's seasonal post-launch content are highly speculative at this stage.

"Battlefield 2042" is scheduled to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.