Battlefield 4 Siege On Shanghai Multiplayer Screenshot BF4
A screenshot of multiplayer footage from "Battlefield 4." EA DICE

Gamers across the United States stepped onto the virtual battlefield at midnight on Tuesday with the highly anticipated release of EA (NASDAQ:EA) DICE’s “Battlefield 4" ("BF4").

While “Battlefield 4” has largely been received with positive response from media outlets and gamers alike, reports of bugs and a couple features have been reportedly missing.

Players familiar with the predecessor of "BF4," “Battlefield 3,” will notice certain bugs returning in “Battlefield 4” such as TV missiles exploding as soon as they’re fired.

Some PC gamers have also expressed frustration over several crashes in both single player and multiplayer modes on forums and Internet communities such as Reddit.

Our experience at International Business Times with release day gameplay on PC was relatively smooth in multiplayer mode, but our single player campaign experience was briefly set back by a crash to the desktop.

A 677 MB patch was released this morning for the PC version of "Battlefield 4," possibly to alleviate issues for some PC gamers.

Official patch notes have not been released to coincide with the patch, but some Reddit users have speculated that the "BF4” patch may only be a fix for “Battlefield 4: Digital Deluxe Editions” owners.

Other bugs noticed by “Battlefield 4” owners include sound issues and other graphical errors, such as field of view (FOV) problems.

Some of these issues can be resolved by updating to the latest graphic card drivers, which can be found at graphic card manufacturer websites such as Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) and AMD (NYSE:AMD). Both manufacturers have released beta drivers that are said to improve graphics card performance with “Battlefield 4.”

In the case of “Battlefield 4” gamers using AMD graphics cards and Windows 8, some have also been experiencing “Red Screen of Death” errors after a crash to the desktop.

According to EA’s official support website, the company is currently investigating the issue and requesting that users experiencing that particular problem submit information for analysis.

Battlelog, the social platform, server browser and load out configuration tool and website for “BF4,” has also had its fair share of minor issues including a memory leak issue. The developers behind Battlelog were aware of the issue and have performed an update on the platform, which includes a fix for the memory leak.

Some owners of the Xbox 360 version have also encountered an error message indicating that they’re running an incompatible version of “Battlefield 4” when trying to access multiplayer online servers.

A small 119 MB download of a day one patch released by DICE for “BF4” should alleviate the issue.

The brief patch description reads:

“This Battlefield 4™ update contains improvements to the multiplayer portions of the game. We strongly advise you download it.”

As for missing features, Battlelog users have noticed server queues are not currently implemented, making it a little difficult to get into constantly full servers. However, “Battlefield 4” and Battlelog developers have been quite responsive, especially on Reddit.

“Server queues are a bit buggy at the moment and have been disabled,” Battlelog engineer, JB Riley explained.

Along with queues, the much touted ability to use a tablet as a commander in “Battlefield 4” is also missing. No date has been announced for its release currently.

What other bugs or issues have you experienced during your initial “Battlefield 4” experience? Let us know in the comments.