Well it’s official: “Bayonetta” has surpassed the 100K copies mark on Steam just a week after its release on Valve’s digital distribution platform. Now fans are hoping for Platinum Games’ “Vanquish” to be ported to the PC platform next.

Last Tuesday, Sega launched the first installment in the “Bayonetta” series on Steam. Exactly a week later, the game was found to be doing well as it already sold more than 100 thousand copies — a remarkable feat for the 2009 third-person action game that was originally released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Based on Steamspy’s data, the game has sold over 102,000 copies as of press time. The first day it arrived on Steam, the game barely sold 10,000 copies, but the numbers picked up quickly. The biggest jumps happened on Wednesday and on Good Friday when the game sold more than 25,000 copies on each day.

Players who have learned of “Bayonetta’s” achievement already took to Reddit to voice out their desire for Platinum Games to port “Vanquish” to PC next. “Well deserved, the port has been running really well for me. I hope this is enough motivation for to invest in a ‘Vanquish’ port,” Reddit user cowsareverywhere stated. “Blindly bought it for the third time mostly to support them. Now bring on ‘Vanquish.’ Can’t wait to finally play that game with a framerate above 20fps,” user dawidovich commented.

It actually won’t come as a surprise if “Vanquish” gets ported to the PC platform next. Early this month Kotaku reported that a Platinum Games co-founder hinted at the possibility of the “Halo”-esque shooter to come to PC. Then, early last week when “Bayonetta” officially arrived on Steam, PC Gamer learned from a Platinum spokesperson that the developer is willing to port its titles to PC.

“If it were up to us, we’d port all of our games to PC, but it all depends on the publishers,” the spokesperson said at the time. “We still feel strongly about putting more consideration into the PC market. If our current efforts prove successful, this will only make PC development more attractive.”

“Bayonetta” is still up for grabs from Steam for $19.99.