The latest costume DLC for “Dead or Alive 5: Last Round” is finally out. Players can now outfit their favorite female characters in the fighting video game with the Shinto shrine maiden costumes that Team Ninja prepared for the month of April.

On Monday, developer Team Ninja uploaded a new DLC announcement clip onto the franchise’s “Dead or Alive” YouTube channel. The video showcases the different female characters of “Last Round” in their Shinto shrine costumes. Each one has her own variation of the traditional attire, but all of them are designed to be conservative.

The April DLC comes with 17 costumes. For PS4 players, they can purchase the pack for 1,944 yen ($17.85). Xbox One gamers can have it for 1,980 yen ($18.18), while Steam players can obtain the costume pack for 2,038 yen ($18.71). On the other hand, players who purchased the Season Pass 6 can have this new content for free, as stated on the game’s Japanese product page.

The Shinto shrine maiden-inspired DLC is the latest pack that Team Ninja is churning out as part of the developer’s promise of launching monthly costume sets for the characters of “Dead or Alive 5.” This follows last month’s crossover costume DLC that featured outfits from Arc System Works’ popular fighting games “Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2,” “Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-” and “Blazblue: Central Fiction.” Just like the April DLC, the March costume pack only came with outfits for the female characters.

Since the new DLC has just been released in Japan, it would likely take a few days before the pack is made available for purchase or download to players in North America. Gamers are advised to check the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and Steam from time to time to see if the new DLC is already available in their area.