• Bernie Mac who was born in 1957 in Chicago
  • He appeared in Spike Lee's "The Original Kings of Comedy"
  • He suffered from the inflammatory disease sarcoidosis

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, better known by his stage name Bernie Mac, was a stand-up comedian who is best known for his television show "The Bernie Mac Show."

Mac, who was born in 1957 in Chicago, started his career in stand-up comedy in 1977. In 2000, he appeared in Spike Lee's "The Original Kings of Comedy." Following this, his name skyrocketed to comedy fame. The following year, he went on to star in the television sitcom “The Bernie Mac Show” in which he played himself. The show aired on Fox for five seasons.

Mac, who suffered from inflammatory disease sarcoidosis, died on Aug. 9, 2008, from complications of pneumonia.

Here are a few quotes by Mac on his death anniversary, courtesy Brainy Quotes:

  • "I'm not a star, and I don't want to be a star. Stars fall. I'm an ordinary guy with an extraordinary job."
  • "I'm looking for laughs, you know? If it takes me to flip over a table, if I have to go physical comedy, I will do it. But whatever the joke needs at that particular time, is where I'm dedicated to. I'm not into beating somebody down and beating myself up. I don't do insults and things like that. I don't do it - I'm a storyteller."
  • "I don't care about how I look; I'm dedicated to the laughs. You know, I used to be a clown, so - my name was Smoothie the Clown. All the training I had, all my training is geared toward making people laugh, and I didn't care about being cool."
  • "I've introduced myself with comedy, and once you've introduced yourself as something, that's where people keep you. That's where people like to hold you."
  • "If I can tell someone a story that makes them bend over and laugh, that's bigger than anything else."
  • "You know, every time it comes, every time that light comes on or every time that camera comes on, every time that microphone comes on, the Mac Man seek and destroy."

Bernie Mac Bernie Mac, winner Comedy Star of the Year Award during ShoWest 2005 Awards Night - Press Room at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic