One of the most important things you can do to effectively increase productivity is being organized. You wouldn’t want the hassle of work piling up, stressing to meet deadlines or spending extra hours in the office. Instead, you should maintain work-life balance, so you still have time for leisure activities and rest.

To achieve this, you can schedule your activities so you can keep track of important events and meetings, upcoming deadlines or holidays so you can schedule a much-needed vacation.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to monitor your tasks without needing to carry a bulky planner in your bag everyday, your best option is a calendar application that can be easily installed in your devices.

Calendar apps, also known as scheduling software, has features that allows you to effectively manage your time and priorities. It can set reminders or reject appointments that fall under a full day, provides a to-do list for priority tasks and connect you to online meetings.

Take more control of your life with the six best calendar apps of 2022 to keep you organized. All these can be purchased on AppSumo.

Best Calendar Apps 2022: 6 Scheduling Software To Keep You Organized

1. TidyCal

TidyCal TidyCal Photo: AppSumo/

Planning meetings with your team can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you can’t find the perfect time or date that fits all your schedules. TidyCal relieves you from this problem as it syncs all your calendars even with different time zones. The software is compatible with Google, Microsoft Office 365 and Apple iCal calendars. It has an autopilot mode that adds time gaps and identifies blocked periods.

2. Sidekick Ai

Sidekick AI Sidekick Ai Photo: AppSumo/

Sidekick Ai uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide scheduling pages where you can easily book your meetings and share the links with your team, client or guest. There’s an option for in-person meetings, video conferencing or phone call. Hence, you and your guest may coordinate in identifying the most convenient method that fits your time. As you set the meeting, the software will automatically create the calendar event and send out invites through email.

3. Photo: AppSumo/

Do you want an easy-to-use scheduling app that’s also secure? Check out You won’t need to experience the hassle of logging-in to access your account. Just remember your unique access link and you’re good to go. If you want more security, you may  add a password. It's the best app for teams and personal use with its simple features, as you can create sub-calendars based on data for more detailed planning, organize appointments accordingly and be notified through email for upcoming deadlines.

4. YearGlance

YearGlance YearGlance Photo: AppSumo/

If you like scheduling in advance or prefer making long-term plans, Year Glance is the best option for you. It has premium features to connect all your calendars in one view. You can personalize your calendar by adding cell background colors to highlight prioritized tasks. This ensures you won’t encounter scheduling conflicts in the long run. It’s compatible with Google and Outlook. It’s recommended for project managers, agencies, personal assistants, coaches and event planners.

5. Calendoo

Calendoo Calendoo Photo: AppSumo/

Calendoo can help you increase productivity and enhance your focus when it comes to sticking with your schedule. You can easily communicate with your clients or team through this application, even if they are from different parts of the world as it has a multilingual feature. Other features include appointment booking, video consultation and scheduling. Once purchased, you get a lifetime deal for only $89.

6. Track

Track Track Photo: AppSumo/

Track may be new, but it won’t disappoint. It'll give you the smoothest calendar experience, as it suggests the best times to do activities or schedule group appointments, even when you’re planning at the last minute. You can easily create a timetable of activities. For only $25 dollars, you already have an efficient calendar software.