Windows released the first mainstream update for the Windows 10 Creators version Tuesday, along with the last public patches for the Windows Vista.

Released on Nov. 8, 2006, Vista was rolled out for customers in January the following year. Although Vista set the framework for the most popular Windows 7, support for the operating system ended Tuesday. Users will now have to move to a more recent version of Windows to remain secure. It’s the end of an era for an OS that arrived late to the market with widespread criticisms.

The same day Windows released the Windows 10 Creators Update, one of the biggest updates to Microsoft’s operating system. The update focuses on delivering more creative tools and added support for other types of media.

Microsoft had announced the release date of the Windows 10 Creators Update on its blog in March. “Today, I’m excited to share our latest update to Windows 10, the Creators Update, will begin to roll out on April 11,” Microsoft’s corporate VP of Windows and devices group  Yusuf Mehdi said. “Beyond creativity, it brings new features to Microsoft Edge, additional security capabilities and privacy tools, and so much more.”

Here are the top features of the latest Windows 10 Creators Update:

Paint 3D for Everyone: The latest update gets Paint 3D, which allows normal 2D images to turn into 3D work of art. Users can build 3D objects in Paint 3D or import ones created by community members from Remix 3D. With Paint 3D, you can easily change color and texture of an image.

Game Mode and Beam offer more for Windows 10 PC gamers: The update is aimed at enhancing the gaming experience on a Windows 10 PC. A new Game Mode in the Xbox app will focus on CPU and GPU resources for a game. It will also restrict background tasks and other apps from draining the system of its resources.

Windows Ink: It allows users to draw or write directly on maps, photos and videos using the built-in Maps and Photos apps. It will also let users write or draw directly on a Microsoft Edge web page and mark up digital documents in Microsoft Word.

Easy setup with Cortana: With the new update, Cortana will now guide users step-by-step through the installation process. Cortana will use your microphone and speakers to listen to commands, including setting up a Wi-Fi network and keyboard layout.

Picture-In-Picture: The new update will add picture-in-picture support to its Universal Windows Apps, the built-in movies and TV app that allows users to watch movies or TV shows. The picture-in-picture allows users to continue watching the content even as they navigate to other apps. However, only a few apps support the feature as of now.

Dynamic Lock: Dynamic Lock lets users automatically lock a Windows 10 PC when away from it. Users can pair Bluetooth devices to the PC and whenever the device goes out of range, Windows 10 will lock the PC.