• There are plenty of party games available online
  • "Gartic Phone" and "Jackbox Party Pack" games are great for people who don't have dedicated gaming PCs or consoles
  • "Pico Park" and "Pummel Party" are great for players who are looking for cooperative and competitive chaos

Playing an online party game or two is one of the best ways to spend time with friends and family regardless of distance from each other. Unlike the typical co-op or competitive games that dominate the industry today, party games are simple and easy to learn and offer hours upon hours of hectic fun.

For those who are looking to have some quality time with the people who matter most, here are some fun party games to play with friends online that everyone can enjoy.

“Pummel Party”

Pummel Party” is a four- to eight-player game that takes the “Snakes and Ladders”-style of board game racing and mixes it with a wide variety of last-man-standing minigames. The goal is to be the first one reach the end of the board while surviving the myriad of minigames and sabotage attempts from other players.

Pummel Party is a chaotic party game that mixes board game races with various minigames Pummel Party is a chaotic party game that mixes board game races with various minigames Photo: Rebuilt Games

It’s a fun and chaotic experience for groups of friends, offering plenty of slapstick moments that can easily make a Saturday night memorable. Additionally, the game has a family-friendly mode that removes blood and gore effects.

“Gartic Phone”

This telephone game is great for players who do not have a PC available. “Gartic Phone” can be played on both desktop and mobile device browsers, letting a wider range of people join in on the fun. The game is completely free as well.

The game is all about creativity. Players are tasked with drawing whatever quirky sentence other players provide them with. There are no stakes involved, no winners or losers, and the only real prize is the friendship that players form at the end of each match.

“Pico Park”

Pico Park” recently released on Steam and was met with positive reviews. This two- to eight-player puzzle platformer gives players a very simple objective: go from one stage to the other. However, each stage is filled with obstacles that can only be overcome with the power of teamwork.

This is a simple yet incredibly fun game for folks who want to experience the basic joys of co-op or revel in the chaos of miscommunication.

“Jackbox Party Pack 7”

The games included in the “Jackbox Party Packs” are great for all audiences, featuring quiz games, drawing games and more.

The biggest draw of Jackbox’s games is their accessibility. Players can join via a PC or a mobile device, and only one person needs to own a Jackbox product to host a game for up to eight people (or more, depending on the game).