If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the political news lately it can be tempting to stop reading it, but a better option may be to add an extension to your web browser to lighten the load.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah released a new browser extension Wednesday night that changes all of Donald Trump’s tweets to resemble a child’s handwriting in colorful crayon. The extension is called “Make Trump Tweets Eight Again” and they’re sure to give you a good laugh, or at least give your timeline a little color.

Noah explained that the show's extension “automatically changes Donald Trump’s tweets into how they were meant to be read; as the crayon scribbles of a child!” The extension works on the President’s unofficial personal Twitter account, as well as his POTUS account that he uses less frequently.

If childish scribe isn’t for you, there are plenty of other extensions to help you make it through the day while still getting all the news you need.

The extension “Make America Kittens Again” turns pictures on news sites of various politicians, like Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Steve Bannon to pictures of adorable fluffy kittens instead.

If you’re not a cat person, don’t worry, there’s a different extension that will change political posts on Facebook to photos puppies. The extension is called “Replace Politics with this puppy” and the description says it was made by a “geek” for his fiancé who was “bored with all the  political nonsense in her Facebook feed.”

If you’d prefer to have political posts scrubbed from your Facebook feed entirely you may want to opt for the “Social Fixer for Facebook” extension. This extension will filter posts based on a variety of characteristics, like content, author, or link. It also features other filters you may find helpful like a filter to block sponsored content.

And if you just want the top headlines using the “NewsHub” extension may be your best option. You can customize it to show you political headlines, or everything but.

Either way, there’s a browser extension for everyone looking to customize their news experience online.