Fallout 4
“Fallout 4” fans are disappointed by Bethesda’s new paid mods for the game. Bethesda Softworks

Fans are not pleased with “Fallout 4’s” new mods. Find out why below.

This Tuesday, Bethesda proudly announced that its Creation Club service for “Fallout 4” is now live. The service is designed to allow players to purchase new weapons, armors and gear for the action role-playing game. Instead of welcoming it with open arms however, fans just went after the developer and called it out for releasing paid mods.

Backlash Over Paid Mods

On Twitter, Bethesda posted a teaser for some Creation Club items. Unfortunately, fans were quick to slam the studio because the items can be bought using real money. “Why in the HELL would anyone waste their money to buy mods? Do not support this,” one user wrote. “I already bought your game and season pass. I will not pay for mods that the PC community can get for free. This is bad policy,” another tweeted.

On Bethesda’s official site, many also voiced the same sentiments. “Wow Bethesda, just wow! This is just rubbish. I expected this to go wrong, but this is just a guide as to how to shoot yourself in the foot. Have you ever been to the Nexus site? Or even your own mods page?” a user with the handle ToffeeHammer stated. Another called out Bethesda for the mods’ quality. “What happened I thought Bethesda was supposed to be working with some of the best modders around? What’s the reason for this poor content?” scottfowler2807 questioned.

Others flocked Reddit to express their concerns. One Redditor pointed out what he thinks is wrong with the new content Bethesda is offering via Creation Club. “This would’ve gone over better if they launched it with something truly worth it, like a pseudo-official content pack. Instead the vast majority of the items available for purchase on this club are things already made for free on Nexus.”

Creation Club Items

Creation Club currently offers 12 items: Chinese Stealth Armor, Modular Military Backpack, Morgan’s Space Suit (Prey), Pip-Boy Paint Job (Onyx), Pip-Boy Paint Job (Swamp Camo), Pip-Boy Paint Job (Chrome), Power Armor Paint Job (Black), Homemade Shotgun, Prototype Gauss Rifle, Modern Furniture Workshop Pack, Hellfire Power Armor and Power Horse Armor.

In celebration of the service’s launch, Bethesda said that players are getting 100 Credits when they apply to Creation Club. The developer also announced that Additional Credits will be available on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam. Players can buy the items with Credits, but they’ll be needing real-world money to buy more Credits once the free ones run out, as pointed out by Polygon.

Another tricky part about the new items has to do with the requirements Bethesda set to obtain them. Some Creation Club items can only be unlocked after completing quests. The Power Horse Armor, Hellfire Power Armor and Prototype Gauss Rifle are all obtainable through quests. Other items need to be crafted from a workbench, while the rest are dropped into the inventory.

Despite the backlash, Bethesda maintains that new content are coming to Creation Club, which is already live on PS4, Xbox One and PC, in the near future. The service is also set to go live in “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition” this September.