Sony has decided to cut the prices of its two PlayStation VR bundles. Learn more below.

This week, Sony decided to reduce the prices of its PlayStation VR bundles in an attempt to lure more consumers into buying its virtual reality headset. Starting next month, the two PlayStation VR bundles will be made available at more affordable prices than their original market values.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s PlayStation Marketing vice president Mary Yee took to the official PlayStation Blog to announce the good news. According to her, this is an exciting time for gamers to pick up the PlayStation VR if they haven’t yet because they have adjusted the pricing for the PSVR bundles.

$399 ‘Core’ PSVR Bundle

First off, the “core” PSVR set, which only came with the virtual reality headset, has been modified. It will still start selling at $399, but this time around gamers will receive the PlayStation Camera for free as part of the bundle. This means interested consumers no longer need to spend an extra $59 just to get a PlayStation Camera.

The $399 VR headset bundle was very tricky at launch. It was advertised as a $399 bundle, but then users had to spend extra on the external camera since it’s needed for the full gaming experience. Some retailers even opted to launch their own promotional bundles to offer gamers the chance to own the PlayStation Camera for free. Thankfully, Sony has now chosen to make the peripheral part of the bundle without bumping up its price tag.

$449 PSVR Bundle

The next bundle is the one that includes the headset, a camera, two PlayStation Move controllers and the “PlayStation Worlds” mini-game collection. Originally, players needed to spend $499 to own this bundle. However, Sony slashed the price of the package, so it will henceforth be available for purchase for $449.

Sony said the adjusted PSVR bundles will start hitting the market this Friday, Sept. 1. Interested consumers are advised to check with their local retailers for availability of the bundles.

Sony’s move to cut the prices of its PSVR bundles has absolutely positioned its VR headset bundles into the more affordable category compared to what its rivals are offering. In fact it’s more expensive $449 bundle is now cheaper than the Oculus Rift, which got a price drop to $499 in July. It’s also more affordable compared to HTC’s Vive, which saw a price drop to $599 just a week ago, as pointed out by The Verge.

Aside from announcing the price cuts, Yee also teased consumers about the upcoming game releases for Sony’s VR headset. Currently, the PSVR experience boasts of a huge lineup of more than 100 games including “Arizona Sunshine,” “Tiny Trax,” “Batman: Arkham VR,” “Star Trek: Bridge Crew” and “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,” among others. The lineup will continue to expand as more games such as “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR,” “Bravo Team,” “The Inpatient,” “Doom VFR”  and “Sparc” are already on the horizon.

Yee also mentioned that the Farpoint PSVR Aim Controller Bundle is already back in stock. Moreover, she noted how the PSVR system continuously evolves, adding that the new PS4 system software update 5.00 is going to enhance the PlayStation VR experience.