Beyonce reportedly has a long list of demands during her world tour Tumblr

Beyonce is apparently quite the diva while on her “Mrs. Carter” world tour.

The U.K.'s Daily Star claims to have a list of the 31-year-old’s requirements as she embarks around the globe.

Beyonce reportedly demands the following:

-All crew members have to wear 100% cotton.

-Alkaline water must be chilled to 21 degrees and served with $900 titanium straws.

-Bathrooms must have new toilet seats and red toilet paper at every venue.

-Hand-carved ice balls should be made after each show to cool her throat.

“Working so hard and with the toll the travel takes on her body in addition to the intense shows, she feels that her requests aren’t too much to ask for as she wants to ensure everything goes to plan,” a source told the publication.

This is not the first time Beyonce’s requests have been revealed. Just last month, The Smoking Gun released a list that she reportedly requires for her dressing rooms. The list included

-Juicy Baked Chicken: Legs, Wings & Breast only (Please season with fresh garlic, season salt, black pepper, and Cayenne pepper heavily seasoned)

-Steamed Garlic Broccoli

-Lightly Seasoned Green Beans

-Lightly Seasoned Steamed Spinach

These lists above are not her first to make headlines, and in the past she was accused of making diva-like demands. In February, the NFL stuck up for Beyoncé after rumors surfaced that she was making absurd dressing room demands for her half-time Super Bowl performance.

British tabloid Daily Star reported that while Beyoncé rehearsed in New Orleans for her half-time performance and had numerous excessive demands. Among them, she allegedly requested that her daughter, Blue Ivy, have a nursery decorated with rose-scented candles and that Blue Ivy's crib be shipped from New York.

"She’s by far one of the most difficult celebrities we’ve ever dealt with. The list [of demands] is as long as my arm. She may be a superstar, but this day is about football, not her,” a source told the tabloid.

The NFL later denied the report.