In a study by the writing-enhancement application Grammerly, Beyonce topped a list of 100 popular musicians as the Twitter user with the best grammar. Reuters

In the battle of the brains -- especially when it comes to Twitter grammar -- King Bey reigns. According to the writing-enhancement application Grammerly, Beyonce is the most grammatically correct Twitter user surveyed in its study of 100 popular musicians who use the microblogging site, USA Today reported.

Grammerly had proofreaders comb the artists’ most recent 25 tweets, checking them for both grammatical and spelling errors. In the study, it found that male musicians made about 15.7 errors while female musicians made about 14.2 mistakes.

And who were the worst celebs when it comes to grammar and spelling? DJ Pauly D, Snoop Dogg and Ciara topped the list of the worst with 55.6, 35.8 and 34.3 errors, respectively.

The study also found that older musicians make the fewest writing mistakes, with those in their 50s making 6.5 errors per 100 words and those in their teens making 17.9 on the same basis.

Hip-hop stars were recognized as the worst grammarians, with 14.3 mistakes per 100 words. They were followed by country artists, 12.1, and Latin performers, 5.4.

Here are the best and the worst, as reported by USA Today:

Musicians Scoring The Best On Spelling And Grammar

Beyonce Knowles (2.1 mistakes)

Coldplay (2.8 mistakes)

Maroon 5 (3.5 mistakes)

One Direction (3.5 mistakes)

Daddy Yankee (3.6 mistakes)

Kelly Rowland (3.7 mistakes)

LMFAO (3.9 mistakes)

Jonas Brothers (4.6 mistakes)

Jessica Simpson (5.2 mistakes)

Ludacris (5.4 mistakes)

Musicians Scoring The Worst On Spelling And Grammar

DJ Pauly D (55.6 mistakes)

Snoop Dogg (35.8 mistakes)

Ciara (34.3 mistakes)

J. Cole (34.1 mistakes)

Nicki Minaj (33.7 mistakes)

Justin Bieber (29.5 mistakes)

Cheryl Cole (29.1 mistakes)

Jaden Smith (26.4 mistakes)

Jason Derulo (26.4 mistakes)

Larry Fisherman (24.4 mistakes)