Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons recently suffered a minor fracture on his left toe. Pictured: Jim Parsons attends the 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 30, 2016. Reuters/Mike Blake

“Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons recently shared to his four million followers on Instagram that he fractured his toe.

The actor posted a photo of his feet, with the left one covered in a bandage. Despite his injury, he was still able to make a joke out of his condition, saying that he cannot push a sled anytime soon.

Prior to his accident, Parsons was excited to announce that his latest movie, “Hidden Figures,” is now showing in majority of theaters in the United States. An advance screening for the film took place in some states on Christmas Day last year.

Meanwhile, Parsons recently reprised his role as Sheldon Cooper in “Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 12. In “The Holiday Summation,” Sheldon and Amy (Mayim Bialik) went to Texas to celebrate Christmas with his mom, Mary Cooper (Laurie Metcalf). While there, Sheldon told Mary that he and Amy are living together “in sin” just like the New Yorkers. To his surprise, Mary didn’t give them a religious lecture.

Later on, Sheldon found out that Amy had already told Mary that they have moved in together. Amy explained that she just wanted to take the burden off of Sheldon’s shoulders because she knows that her boyfriend has a hard time explaining himself. Sheldon was offended because he thought that Amy doesn’t believe in him. Toward the end of the episode, the couple made up and stuck with their current living arrangement.

Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 12 also featured a series of flashbacks from the time the characters celebrated Christmas Day. They gathered in Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) living room on New Year’s Day to talk about their whereabouts the week before.

“Big Bang Theory” Season 10 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.