“Big Brother” Season 20 will see the members of the Level 6 alliance taking each other one by one.

This week, Kaycee and Tyler had a conversation about who they want to be in the final four with them in the CBS reality TV show. The two houseguests made it clear that they want to make it until the end with Angela by their side. But when it came to thinking about the fourth member, they both agreed that it shouldn’t be Brett.

Kaycee and Tyler expressed their concern over Brett’s loyalty. Since Faysal left the house, he has spent so much time with Haleigh. This move could somehow help him gain more jury votes in the finale. Tyler and Kaycee, on the other hand, didn’t do anything but target the non-Level 6 alliance members.

But what the two don’t know is that Brett and JC also have their plans to sit next to each other in the final two. Brett and JC realized that they are at the bottom of the totem pole since Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler are so loyal to each other.

If one of the three becomes Head of Household (HOH) next week, Brett and JC know that they are the next two to be put on the block. So Brett or JC, if one of them becomes HOH, will most likely take a swipe at either Angela, Kaycee, or Tyler.

JC will unlikely become HOH since he has not won anything. Brett won a couple of competitions, but he hasn’t had any luck in recent weeks. He almost became HOH this week, but Kaycee won over him in less than a second.

On Thursday night, Haleigh will most likely be sent out the door. But the houseguests are not aware that it is double eviction week. Possibly following in Haleigh’s footsteps is Sam. She may be a member of the Level 6 alliance, but she has not been very loyal to all of them. Sam is only working to reach the final two with Tyler, but she has not also won anything.

“Big Brother” Season 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.