‘Big Little Lies’
Did Celeste (Nicole Kidman) finally leave her husband, Perry (Alexander Skarsgard), for good in “Big Little Lies” Season 1, episode 6? HBO

“Big Little Lies” Season 1, episode 6 saw Celeste (Nicole Kidman) making a tough decision.

In “Burning Love,” she visits her therapist to share some details about her life. But since last week, Celeste has been lying and protecting her husband, Perry (Alexander Skarsgard). When the therapist asks why she has not left him despite the fact that it’s obvious he is physically abusing her, Celeste denies that anything like this has happened between them.

In fact, Celeste gets upset with the therapist for digging into her personal life. The lawyer threatens to sue her therapist if she releases information about her and Perry’s physical fights, but the concerned practitioner is unafraid. The therapist encourages Celeste to find a place where she can enjoy her time alone without Perry.

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Unfortunately, Celeste is very scared of her husband. But after the conversation she had with the therapist, she realizes that it is indeed time to take matters into her own hands. When Perry makes another move on her, Celeste refuses to have sex with him. However, Perry just gets even more pissed off because Celeste can now reject his sexual advances.

As usual, Perry tries to hurt his wife, but Celeste finally gathers up the courage to fight back. While they are in bed, the former tells the latter that she is lucky he hasn’t killed her. This serves as Celeste’s wake up call. Now that Perry is talking about killing her, she knows that she needs to leave their home immediately.

Celeste rents out a place across the Pacific, but it is unclear how long her freedom will last. In next week’s episode, Perry will go in search for his wife and will once again try to get her back.

“Big Little Lies” Season 1 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.