Twitter and Instagram were awash with people wishing their followers a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays over the last few days, but one "Merry Christmas" wish that managed to stand out was from Tiffany and Ivanka Trump.

The two women were at their father, President Donald Trump's, hotel Mar-a-Lago in Florida for the holiday. Tiffany posted a video of the two of them in bathing suits basking in the sun and blowing kisses to the camera with "O Holy Night," playing in the background, before Tiffany says, "Merry Christmas."

Some people couldn't help but reply to the video that had more than 135,000 views as of Wednesday afternoon on Twitter and even more on Instagram. One popular point among those who replied was the recent tax bill, and the cost of the Trump's vacations so far this year.

Others simply mentioned the vanity of the selfie-style video.

There were even comparisons to Marie Antoinette.

And other users were just ready to be done with Twitter all together, the video seemed to be the last straw.

The comments on Instagram were a bit nicer, followers wished the two sisters a Merry Christmas and complimented them.

tiffany trump video instagram
Tiffany Trump posted a video of her and her sister Ivanka enjoying the holidays in Florida to her Instagram and Twitter accounts, Dec. 26, 2017. tiffanytrump/Instagram

Tiffany and Ivanka weren't the only Trumps to receive criticism for their holiday social media posts. First Lady Melania Trump also got some backlash for her "#MerryChristmas" tweet that featured a selife of her with a filter that added a Santa hat and reindeer to the photo.