Microsoft founder Bill Gates has a new brilliant plan together with other co-inventors to control weather that can stop hurricanes.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trade Office Gates and his colleagues has submitted patents.

The Searete LLC, a subsidiary of Intellectual Ventures which was founded by Nathan Myhrvold, former Microsoft executives to develop patent applications for new ideas, filed the applications. Gates, Myhrvold and others are listed as an inventor on each of several patents for the idea.

Bill and his Colleagues proposed an idea of slowing or even killing hurricanes by pumping cold, deep-ocean water to cool the water surface temperature in their paths making the hurricane to loose strength.

It might be possible to suppress hurricanes so they aren’t so devastating to people who live in their path, wrote Pablos Holman on Intellectual Ventures blog.

This type of technology is not something humankind would try as a 'Plan A' or 'Plan B.' These inventions are a 'Plan C' where humans decide that we have exhausted all of our behavior changing and alternative energy options and need to rely on mitigation technologies

Gates, Myhrvold and associates believes the project could be funded by selling insurance to hurricane-prone areas residents including funding from state, federal and local government agencies.

If our planet is in this severe situation, then our belief is that we should not be starting from scratch at investigating mitigation options, Holman wrote.

The patent applications were first requested last year and were made public on July 9 this year.