Nearly 650,000 people have viewed 6-year-old Ethan Walmark's rendition of Piano Man on YouTube and 763 users have commented on the video. But the comment that brought the most joy to Ethan, who has an autism spectrum disorder, and his family was not one listed on the video sharing site.

The Piano Man himself, Billy Joel, lauded Ethan's piano playing style in a statement.

I think I like his intro to Piano Man better than mine, Joel said of Ethan, the Washington Post reported. And this kid plays with a lot more energy than me. Maybe he could teach me a few things.

You can watch Ethan's mesmerizing talent further down in this article.

Ethan and his parents were awestruck by the high praise.

The past 72 hours has been like living a Fellini movie! We are honored and humbled that Mr. Joel watched Ethan's video, and took the time to make such gracious comments about his piano playing, the Walmarks said. If Ethan's love and joy of music can change one person's mind about autism, we are happy.

The video has gone viral with 647,835 views. YouTube users have been enthralled by Ethan's excitement as he plays Piano Man, never skipping a beat even when he hits the wrong note.

His music ability is something you just cant explain. He is an amazing little professional musician! The way he calls out & controls the song its absolutely fantastic!, opined YouTube user bocelliluv. He feels the music? from head to toe! I really hope to see Billy Joel and Ethan jam together one day! This made me smile.

User crystalnandrew717 said Ethan's performance was amazing.

He has such a wonderful gift. I have two children on the spectrum and I am? amazed by what they do every day, they commented. Has he been formally trained or does he just play by ear?

The YouTube account fromatoz66 has several videos of Ethan's piano playing, with Piano Man being the most popular. Check out the account to see other performances from Ethan, including Take On Me, Maybe, I'm Amazed, and Coldplay's Clocks.