• The rules of the upcoming tournament are out
  • "Birdie Wing -Golf Girls' Story-" Episode 13 is releasing Tuesday
  • The episode will stream on Crunchyroll

The All-Japan Girls High School Golf Doubles Championship is on and Eve and Aoi are getting ready to display their finest game in "Birdie Wing -Golf Girls' Story-" Episode 13.

The new episode is titled "I Think it’s Pretty Important to Divide a Girl’s Room."

The official website has released the synopsis, spoiler stills, and a preview trailer for Episode 13. The rules of the game are tournament-style matchplay.

Victory or defeat will be decided for each hole, and the pair with the largest number of holes will advance to the next round.

Eve tries to stick to her own offensive style of playing against Aoi, who attempts to accumulate her wins through some solid plays.

Elsewhere, the winning pair of Himekawa and Oikawa is set to defeat the opponent school’s pair in the second round. Himekawa and Oikawa are teased to showcase their overwhelming golf skills.

In the previous episode, the defending Japanese Amateur Champion Himekawa, and her partner, Oikawa discussed the upcoming tournament.

Oikawa was angry because she believed the new tournament was nothing but a way to promote Aoi. However, Himekawa was not concerned as she gladly accepted Aoi’s challenge. Moreover, Himekawa had high hopes for Aoi.

“It's the day of the prefectural qualifiers, and Eve and Aoi are a shoo-in to win. That is if they can keep their arguments from ruining the match!” read the official synopsis of "Birdie Wing -Golf Girls' Story-" Episode 12, as per Crunchyroll.

The cast of the anime includes Akari Kito as Eve, Asami Seto as Aoi Amawashi, Shūichi Ikeda as Leo Millafoden, Toa Yukinari as Rose Aleon, Toru Furuya as Reiya Amuro, Yu Kobayashi as Kaede Oikawa, Yukari Tamura as Mizuho Himekawa, Yuko Kaida as Seira Amawashi, Akira Sekine as Lily Lipman, Ami Koshimizu as Amane Shinjо̄, Kaori Nazuka as Vipèr, M.A.O as Kaoruko Iijima, Mai Nakahara as Kinue Jinguji, Rina Satou as Haruka Misono, Saki Fujita as Ichina Saotome, Satomi Arai as Kuyō Iseshiba, and Sayaka Kinoshita as Klein Clara.

The opening theme of the anime is titled "Venus Line" and is performed by Kohmi Hirose and the closing theme song is titled "Yodaka" by Tsukuyomi.

"Birdie Wing -Golf Girls' Story-" Episode 13 is airing Tuesday. Fans in the U.S. can stream the episode online on Crunchyroll.

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