The rise of the cryptocurrency ecosystem is fundamentally hard to follow. With prices breaking records one week and dipping the next, the market can appear unstable. However, some of the industry's most prominent experts say the market is not as volatile as many critics suspect.

Warnings about the dangers of a cryptomarket crash are splashed across headlines. Yes, the price of bitcoin and ether tokens is skyrocketing, while alternative coins across the board also are increasing in value. The New York Times reports the cryptocurrency industry is now approaching the valuation of Goldman Sachs, more than $100 billion, with the Ethereum network alone worth around $34 billion. This has inspired a frenzied anxiety around the market bubble inevitably destined to burst.

“The whole ‘bubble bursting’ is a silly concept,” Joe Lubin, a founding member of the team that first developed Ethereum, told International Business Times. “This is like the internet in the late '90s’.”

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Lubin is also a founding member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, a blockchain community that includes dozens of companies like Microsoft and JPMorgan, and the founder of a global blockchain company called Consensus Systems. More commonly known as ConsenSys, it is arguably the largest consulting firm helping to turn Ethereum networks into real-world products and services. Lubin said he isn’t worried about the sustainability of his digital assets.

Critics are right to note Ethereum is growing too fast for its current infrastructure, especially as startups flock to cryptocurrency fundraising instead of relying on venture capital. For example, the Bancor Foundation recently raised around $153 million in ether over just a few hours. The flurry of activity often clogs these fledgling systems, causing network outages along with sporadic dips in virtual currency value and accessibility.

But that doesn’t surprise blockchain believers.

“It’ll correct itself and keep building,” Lubin said of inflated valuations. “The value of the overall ecosystem will go higher and higher.”

Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin tweeted last week he hopes bitcoin continues to flourish that there isn’t a “cure” for market bubbles except for letting them pop.

Regardless of whether specific tokens survive the imminent market crash, Lubin said cryptocurrencies as a whole are sustainable. “This is a new organizing principle that will dominate over time,” he said. “There are doers and makers who buy tokens, and there are speculators who buy tokens. Either one of those classes should do incredibly well.”

Lubin argued the cryptocurrency bubble is fundamentally different from the American housing market crash of 2008 and Dutch tulip mania in the 17th century, to which the bitcoin gold rush has been compared.

“If you have a real estate bubble that’s founded on deep corruption and improperly executed systems, that’s a bad thing,” he said. “There’s no way to move the [token] price to exactly where it should be. It always overshoots, and then it undershoots. ... It’s shocking to see what a straight line Ethereum has moved. It hasn’t moved back all that much.”

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In short, the hiccups of an emerging technology are quintessentially different from the collapse of a Wizard of Oz-style charade where lucrative markets are ruled by speculation.

Cryptocurrency advocates like Lubin don’t want Ethereum to “beat” bitcoin and replace American dollars. Instead, these blockchain currencies represent a new way of creating and transferring value or information. That’s why industry veterans like Lubin aren’t worried about how much ether tokens cost today, tomorrow or even next year. They care more about the way these tokens will reshape the global economy as we know it.