Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna, pictured here at the 2015 BET Awards on June 28, 2015, in Los Angeles, might be in some legal trouble after her car was involved in a hit and run in California's San Fernando Valley on Nov. 7, 2015. Getty

While beefs with her ex-boyfriend Tyga and Kylie Jenner may have quieted down, Blac Chyna may have some new trouble on her hands. Police are investigating and may be looking to question Chyna following a hit and run in California's San Fernando Valley Saturday night.

TMZ reports that Chyna's (born Angela Renee White) white BMW was involved in a crash after it was reported speeding down Reseda Boulevard south of Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley on the night of Nov. 7. The car allegedly went through a stop sign and struck a black Audi. Two women were reportedly seen exiting the BMW and getting into another car following the crash.

The crash was reportedly so violent that the white BMW went through a pole and fire hydrant, while the other car skidded across three lanes of traffic and left all three passengers with injuries. Pictures from the crash can be found here.

The law in California states that if a car owner gives permission to someone else to drive their car, the owner and driver are both legally responsible if the driver gets into an accident. A source told TMZ Chyna was home that night, but she has been known to lend her car out to friends.

Chyna has been out of the news recently after her ongoing feud with ex-boyfriend Tyga has basically come to a stop. The rapper is reportedly supporting Chyna by paying her rent, car payments and nanny expenses for their three-year-old child King. If Tyga has been paying for her car, the accident could create more issues between the two.

Tyga has since moved on to date 18-year-old Kylie Jenner, while Chyna has been linked to rapper Future after dating Money Team boxer J'Leon Love. The 27-year-old and Love broke up, citing hectic work schedules as the reason why.