• “Black Clover” Chapter 257 continues Yami’s battle against Dante
  • Asta is speculated to join Yami in his fight against the opponent
  • “Black Clover” Chapter 257 is slated to release Sunday, July 12

After Yami’s shocking Death Thrust spell, Dante’s body parts float in the air. Is this Dante’s end? “Black Clover” Chapter 257 is set to address the villain's fate.

The latest spoilers for the upcoming chapters have started pouring in teasing the Yami vs. Dante battle.

This article contains spoilers for “Black Clover” Chapters 256 and 257.

According to the latest set of “Black Clover” Chapter 257 spoilers from Reddit user KamikazeMender, the new chapter will address the Dante situation in the first initial pages.

Yami obliterated Dante using his Death Thrust spell, but it looks like Dante will self-regenerate.

It is teased that Dante will use his Physical Magic and the power of the devil will boost his ability to self-regenerate. A “Black Clover” Chapter 257 panel showcases a closeup of Dante’s face and he looks quite sinister.

Meanwhile, Asta will get up for the second round of the battle against Dante. In “Black Clover” Chapter 257, Asta and Yami will team up against Dante, who remains at 80% power level.

The previous chapter opens with Finral Roulacase watching the battle. He thinks about how their scouting mission for the invasion of the Spade Kingdom ended up like this, pointing toward the carnage due to Yami and Dante’s fight. He wonders if he should help Yami or call another brigade captain.

However, Dante will kill him instantly if he tries to move now.

Meanwhile, Yami mocks Dante for bringing only 80% of his full power. Dante explains how he shares power with the devils in the underworld. He adds that since these exchanges happen between the two worlds unless they open the door to the underworld, they cannot use 100% of the power.

Later, Dante unleashes his Gravity Singularity magic that demolishes everything around him. Yami is able to dodge the spell and wonders if his Black Moon can cancel Dante’s spell. Toward the end of the chapter, Yami brings out the Death Thrust spell to disintegrate Dante.

“Black Clover” Chapter 257 is scheduled to release Sunday, July 12. Fans can read the chapters officially on Viz and Manga Plus. The print manga will arrive in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s Issue 32.

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