• Asta and Dante will fight in the new chapter
  • Black Clover returns with a new chapter after a one-week break
  • Black Clover Chapter 259 will release Sunday, Aug. 2

Time is running out for Asta and Captain Yami in "Black Clover" Chapter 259. The chapter will continue the battle between Asta and Dante.

"Black Clover" returns with Chapter 259 after a one-week hiatus.

This article contains spoilers from Chapter 259.

The latest spoilers from the new chapter surfaces and Reddit user KamikazeMender has shared the details. "Black Clover" Chapter 259 will start from where Chapter 258 concluded. Asta’s right arm has transformed after the Devil agrees to lend him his powers.

However, Dante notes Asta has only 50 seconds to make it work. Asta charges toward Dante and launches a fierce attack.

Meanwhile, Captain Yami is amazed to see Asta’s power and knows he has the Anti-Magic power on his right hand and if Asta can make a clean hit, they have a chance to win against Dante.

Captain Yami encourages Asta to go all out against the enemy in "Black Clover" 259. It will be interesting to see if Asta can hit Dante before time runs out. Can Asta see victory and earn Captain Yami’s respect?

Meanwhile, in the previous chapter, Captain Yami and Asta team up to fight Dante. However, Dante wants them to entertain him more with their weak attacks. When Captain Yami and Asta charge at him, Dante blocks their attack with a massive piece of earth. However, the duo manages to break it and move ahead.

Meanwhile, Captain Yami believes in the battle against Dante. Asta’s Anti Magic is key and they have to figure out a way to get his sword to pierce into Dante.

Later, in the chapter, Asta summons his inner devil and asks him to lend his power. The devil agrees but he asks for something suitable in return. The devil asks Asta to give a part of his body. Asta agrees and the devil lends his power to him. The chapter ends with Asta charging at Dante with his transformed right arm.

"Black Clover" Chapter 259 is scheduled to release Sunday, Aug. 2. The digital version of the latest chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz.

Stay tuned for "Black Clover" Chapter 260 spoilers and release date.

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