• Dante is defeated after Asta slashes him
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 260 releases Monday, Aug. 10
  • A new threat challenges Asta and Yami

After annihilating Dante, Asta, Yami and others reported victory. But there is a bigger threat coming in "Black Clover" Chapter 260. The episode is titled "Dark Out."

This article contains spoilers from Chapters 259 and 260

The new chapter is a few days away from its official release, but spoilers for "Black Clover" Chapter 260 are available on the internet.

If Asta and Yami believe they won the battle against Dante, they are in for a rude shock. The spoilers, shared by Reddit user KamikazeMender, tease the arrival of Zenon Zogratis, who is Dante’s brother.

"Black Clover" Chapter 260 opens with a defeated Dante on the ground after Asta’s deadly blow toward the end of Chapter 259.

Meanwhile, Zenon arrives to deal with Asta and Yami. "Black Clover" Chapter 260 spoilers hint Zenon has a second magic trick that is similar to teleporting.

Asta tries to seek help from his Devil, but he is rejected as he remains weak after the battle.

In the last chapter, Asta’s Devil tells him he has 50 seconds. The Devil injected his powers into Asta’s right arm, but Asta’s body can only hold it for 50 seconds.

Asta believes he can take down Dante. Yami thinks Asta’s right arm is radiating Anti-magic and if he can land a clean hit, he can defeat Dante.

Yami joins Asta as they launch a massive attack against Dante.

Finral observes the fight and notes even though Asta and Yami are moving randomly, they are perfectly synchronized with each other.

During the fight, Dante manages to knock the Demon-Slayer Sword from Asta. With only eight seconds remaining, Asta calls the Demon Dweller Sword, but Dante blocks it. Later, Asta tries to draw a Demon Destroyer Sword and is blocked again by the villain.

With time running out, Yami decides to give Asta his sword. Asta uses Ant-magic on Yami’s sword and slashes Dante.

"Black Clover" Chapter 260 is scheduled to release Monday, Aug. 10. The digital version of the latest chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz.

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