• Julius and Damnatio are set to battle against the ancient demon
  • Asta prepares to join the fight with Liebe
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 281 is hitting the stores Sunday

A giant ancient demon appears from the sky and Julius is set to fight it in "Black Clover" Chapter 281. The spoilers and leaks for the upcoming chapter are available online, hinting at the ancient demon’s attack.

Reddit user KamikazeMender shared the spoilers for "Black Clover" Chapter 281. The spoilers tease the two demons from the Underworld were humans in the Spade Kingdom and were close friends with an incredible amount of strong magic.

However, their love turned to hatred and they transformed into demons. The demons fought the forces but were sealed away.

Meanwhile, back in the Clover Kingdom, Julius learns about the arrival of an ancient demon and asks Damnatio for help. On the battlefield, the demon attacks, and Kaiser defends using his vortex magic.

Kirsch reveals the power of the demon is immense and Kaiser loses against the enemy. Julius is ready to fight by aging his body. The battle between Julius and the giant demon begins. However, time runs out and Julius returns to his true form of that of a kid.

The demon prepares for a massive attack and this is when Asta charges in with Liebe. They activate the Union Mode and "Black Clover" Chapter 281 ends.

Fans can remember in the last chapter, the gate of the Underworld opens and two devils named Lilith and Naamah appear.

Lilith attacks and freezes Jack. Nacht notes Plumede is shaking. Earlier, he assumed the power of the two devils would be similar to the Dark Triad. Turns out, Lilith and Naamah function on an entirely different level.

The next panel shows the roots of Qliphoth growing and absorbing the mana from the atmosphere. Soon, the other devils from the Underworld surface and charge toward the citizens.

Meanwhile, inside the Spade Kingdom’s castle, Zenon is at 70% of his devil’s powers but continues to fail against Spirit of Boreas launched by Yuno.

Dante notes the first gate has opened the barrier and now they can reach 100% of the devil's power. During the chapter, the Dark Triad members unveil their highest forms and they look terrifyingly powerful.

"Black Clover" Chapter 281 is scheduled to release Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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