• Noelle is in the final Saint Stage
  • She challenges Megicula again for a battle
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 302 is releasing Monday

Noelle accepts the fact that Asta’s presence gives her the strength she needs to fight the enemy. Moreover, she acknowledges that she loves Asta. After entering Saint Stage, Noelle is ready to battle Megicula again in "Black Clover" Chapter 302.

In the upcoming chapter, Noelle is likely entering the last phase of her battle against the mighty Megicula, who at this moment is desperate to complete her manifestation.

Megicula is getting frustrated and with the arrival of Asta, she quickly wants to end Vanica and Lolopechka to initiate the manifestation process.

The last chapter showed Asta stopping Lolopechka from exploding. However, Asta noted her body still got different types of active curses. Meanwhile, Liebe appeared near Asta’s shoulder and wondered what was a Supreme Devil doing there because only the first gate of the Underworld was open.

Liebe told Asta without Devil Union they don’t have a chance against Megicula. Meanwhile, the devil was surprised Asta was able to save Lolopechka inside the Decaying World. She recognized him as the anti-magic user Vanica and the others talked about. She believed he was interesting but he could make things difficult for her.

Megicula announced she was ready to kill Lolopechka and Vanica and manifest completely. However, when she attempted to kill them, her curse runes disappeared. Turned out, Charlotte was still in the fight. Megicula was shocked because she thought Charlotte was severely wounded and out of the game.

The devil was surprised to witness Charlotte’s magic increasing. Rill revealed he didn’t use this kind of spell and it took time to activate it. Rill stated his Twilight Valhalla boosted the magic of his friends within its range. Moreover, due to the spell, his friends won’t die no matter how hard they were hit.

Asta was hyped to see Rill executing such a spell. He thanked Asta for arriving and announced he will achieve this ultimate masterpiece.

Meanwhile, Megicula was fascinated by humans combining forces to fight her. She was impressed by the sheer power of the spell.

"Black Clover" Chapter 302 is scheduled to release Monday. The digital version of the chapter will be out on Viz and Manga Plus.

Asta from Black Clover
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