• Rill will unleash a new spell
  • Charlotte uses Rill’s spell and lifts the curse on them
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 301 is releasing Sunday

After Asta joins the battle against Megicula, who continues to be a massive pain, Noelle is delighted to see her friend from the Black Bull. The latest spoilers of "Black Clover" Chapter 301 tease Noelle acknowledging her feelings for a certain someone.

Reddit user KamikazeMender has shared the leaks for "Black Clover" Chapter 301 on the platform. The chapter, which is reportedly titled "That Feeling," opens with Asta looking nervous as Megicula continues to threaten Noelle and the others.

Rill showcases his new spell called the Twilight of Valhalla. This spell is capable of increasing the magic powers of Rill’s friends.

Moreover, Rill states any damage sustained inside his Twilight of Valhalla will not kill them. In "Black Clover" Chapter 301, Charlotte uses the increased magic power to lift the curse on both of them.

Elsewhere, Asta delivers Lolopechka to Noelle and asks her to take care of everything. Later, Asta and Undine talk to each other about the current situation with Megicula.

Asta reveals he cannot do anything and wants Noelle to fight from the front. Meanwhile, Vanica is still alive. Megicula wants to kill Lolopechka and Vanica to complete her manifestation in this world.

As the chapter progresses, Megicula uses her 100 disciples, who died during an experiment, to fight for her against Noelle and company. These disciples have turned into living dead.

Toward the end of "Black Clover" Chapter 301, Noelle realizes she has started liking Asta. She confesses to herself feelings for him.

The chapter concludes with Noelle activating her Saint Stage form once more. "Black Clover" Chapter 302 is likely to showcase the final battle between Megicula and Noelle.

Can Noelle defeat this threat for good?

In the last chapter of the manga, Megicula was shocked to see Noelle rising again to fight her. The devil knew Noelle stands no chance in the Decaying World.

However, Noelle reminded her as a human, her greatest strength was not giving up in the face of any adversity.

"Black Clover" Chapter 301 is scheduled to release Sunday after a week's hiatus. The digital version of the chapter will be available on Viz and Manga Plus, while the print version will hit the stands Monday. 

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